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Learning Resources for the ICP Printing and Graphic Arts Training Package 


ACFIPS in conjunction with NSW Department of Education & Communities and IBSA Innovation & Business Skills Australia worked with industry to produce a range of learning resources. These resources can be downloaded free from Skills Online, ACFIPS and IBSA. 

Printing and Graphic learning resources will provide greater consistency of delivery and assessment nationally. A total of 16 units have been developed as learning resources for ICP10 training package. 

The learning resources currently available for 9 units of competency on ACFIPS website & Skills Online include: 

The resources for the nine units listed above are copyright of NSW Department of Education of Communities. ACFIPS would like to thank the government for the support of this important project. 

To access your free copy of any of the nine units of competency listed above, you must first register your name and email address. 

The learning resources available for seven units at IBSA's website include:


  • ICPKN321A - Apply knowledge and requirements of digital production 
  • ICPPR283A - Use digital media consumables 
  • ICPPR385A - Apply software applications to digital production
  • ICPPR387A - Use colour management for production
  • ICPPR388A - Preflight and import complex images for digital devices
  • ICPPP397A - Transfer digital files
  • ICPPR496A - Set up and produce complex digital print