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Superior financial & Insurance services are critical for growth throughout Australia's industries and its economy as a whole. The Financial Services Training Package Version 2 contains skills standards that apply to enterprises and individuals and to people working within the financial services industry. The finance industry is a major driver of Australia's strong economy, with more than $18 billion net flowing through the sector annually. FNS is the national Training Package that is recognised by industry, training and financial regulators.

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FNS Financial Services Training Package  

FNS Financial Services Training Package version 2 is currently available to view and download on the training.gov.au (TGA) website.
The FNS Financial Services Training Package contains:
  • 46 AQF aligned qualifications
  • 8 skill sets
  • 391 native units of competency
  • 150 imported units of competency.
Queries regarding the FNS Financial Services Training Package can be forwarded to PwC’s Skills for Australia who is now responsible for this Training Package. Email info@skillsforaustralia.com or call 1800 714 819.

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