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About us

Within the vocational education and training system there is a real need for an industry body with the capability and commitment to monitor and improve the VET requirements and  contribute to the compliance of legislative requirements through the provision of educational programs to employers and employees. 

ACFIPS -Arts Communications Finance Industries and Property Services Ltd  ITAB performs  this role in NSW.  

The ITAB works collaboratively with the NSW Department of Education and Training, NSW Fair Trading and SLED - Security Licensing and Enforcement Directorate

The ITAB has six industry sector advisory committees- Arts - (Cultural Industries), Communications -( IT and Telecommunications),  Finance Industries and Property services and Security which provide specialist advice and  assist the board and provide input on specific licensing and training issues. of fire arms).

An Executive Director and support staff are responsible for the day to day administrative function and ensures that the Key Performance Indicators outlined in the NSW DET funding agreement are met.

Key functions of ACFIPS ( ITAB) are as follows:

  • Act as a key voice for the industries covered  related to Vocational Education and Training (VET) in the State of New South Wales and at a National level where requested;
  • Develop, improve, encourage and foster the implementation of systematic training for Licensing  purposes in New South Wales
  • Investigate issues and seek to improve Vocational Training and Education implementation.
  • Provide continuing and co-ordinated guidance and advice on the development of training and employment in industry where required;
  • Work collaboratively with public and private providers in the development, implementation and compliance of training programs for licensing and employment;
  • Encourage the training and continual professional development of Workplace Trainers and Workplace Assessors within the Industry and setting up an "accreditation" program;
  • Provide VET policy advice to industry and government on industry training needs 
  • Implement the strategies jointly agreed on between ITAB and the NSW DET
  • Establish and participate fully in consultative mechanisms through which national industry related activities can be coordinated in other States and Territories and providing information and advice to DET, SLED and OFT for inclusion in National forums such as COAG
  • Provision of information as required by the NSW DET as outlined in the current funding agreement
  • Provision of services to the NSW OFT,DET, SLED as required.
  • Implementation of strategies to achieve the long term objectives